Fears And Worries

We all live in fears and worries of this world Today.

Some of us has found ways to escape it.

I know I did long ago.

But I found in myself that one needs to learn all over the

peace within themself.

Forgiving oneself.

To find out that he or she can make the difference.

That they are important.

They are wanted.

Oh it is very easy to find faults in anything …

And everything.

But have you ever stop and see good in life

instead of bad.




To one another?

It would be a new beginning…

A new generation of life.

I know that the world is not perfect.

To think that would be foolish.

But if we all strive to make it the best we can.

We all would begin to be at peace with one another.

We all need to stop looking who is at fault.

Start looking in ourself to find the answer to???

Can I …

Myself make a difference?

I am only one.


I say this to you…




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