Mom’s Warm Blanket Of love

There was a time in my life that I remember when I lived at home . Very Young I was.

The nights of winter would be very cold and the only heat in the house was a old potbelly stove.

Setting in a corner of our living room. We all counted on that stove to keep us warm in the cold seasons.

Wood or coal was our source of heat. Everyday we all had our chore to do… Bringing  in the stock for the day and night.

But the most wonderful things I remember was how Mom would put us all to bed… All seven of us.

She take her time tucking us all in. Making sure we would be warm. Now you ask what else could she do to make

sure we would be ok for the cold winter nights. Well she take one of our blankets out to the stove standing there

like an angel spreading her wings with that wonderful blanket to get it warm enough to put it around us in our slumber.

She has that special touch to make sure of our warmth and security.

Very special are those moments for you see she still does it today with us.

Spreading her arms around us to give us warmth and surcurity about life.

Many things she has gone through and knows what lies ahead for us.

 The warm blanket of Mom is the love she gives us everyday.

Covering us with her great spirit that is strong and always lives


Thank You mom


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