Little Children

Little hands that reach out for you.

To touch you and feel your love inside.

Little eyes that look up to you.

Seeing you as you really are…

The inner you.

 What hope can you give them?

What challenges can you teach them?

  You hold their future in your loving, caring hands.

Your hands are  building the  blocks of their life.

Your mind has many things to show and tell them.

Sharing moments of life natural existence.

What an honor to be given you to form and shape

that precious life for the world of tomorrow.

 Show the smile that was given to you by God our Father

in Heaven.

Let that wonderful little being know they are very important

And that you are very glad they are there

to live on your dreams and hopes with them.

And if you really look at them.

You too will see a reflection of your warm smile

back at you.

And the eyes that show so much love.


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