It’s Me

I found another challenge…

It’s me.

Can I grow to learn in mind and soul all about me?

Can I proceed with good decisions and judgment?

Life is so full of possibilities and goals.

An adventure in its self.

How can I make the right choice?

That is a question in my mind.

I want to let go of things which separates me to be happy inside myself.

Letting go of…



Judgements of others.

Not forgiving.


I’ll open my mind like opening my hands and let it all go from me.

Holding nothing back.

Slowly I will change within and without.

If I don’t.

The things of my past which cause all these emotions

 will become like cancer to my soul.

And all will be lost.

I want to live and do all I can through Jesus Christ my Lord.

To be Happy and joyfull in His work of living.

These are many words to think about.

It is not a poem.

Nor does it rhyme.

It is Me.


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