Why Am I Here

The sea of life has her hold on me.

Pulling this way and that.

Why am I here?

The people come to me with starving faces.

Why am I here?

I seed ones with hands held out

begging for someone to help.

Why am I here?

These thing I never ask for.

But yet I  feel the need to be.

Why am I here?

The answer lies within the walls

of my mind.

Tugging at my soul and


It is for me to decide what

I should do…

For me to seek.

Trying to see if I can find the

answer to solve the problems

of today living on this earth.

To join with other with the

same concern and caring nature.

Now I know why I am Here.




They Were Once Alive

The missing feeling deep inside.

Tells you there is a vacancy of one so


You look around to were they once was.

But only memories pull at you

with a tug.

Their memories are still alive.

You keep them close…

Deep inside.

For there they will never die.

Dreams and Shadows

What is left?

What do you leave when you are

 finish with the time given to you?

Is it a shadow that leaves sorrows and sadness?

Is it a light that shows all that can be of good?

You do make the choice in your time and moment.

Your dreams can bring forth realization in life Today

if it is to be.

Lets hope your dreams will prosper.




A Soldier’s Spirit

Strong and true.

Holding onto the Red, White and Blue.

There is no time for failure, nor mistakes.

It is our country that is at stake.

The blood that runs through their veins each day.

Is blessed by God in every way.

The strength and the courage.

You can see in their faces.

You can see that they know their in the

right places.

The brave and the true.

They will always be.

For they are the ones…

Who gives us the land of the free and liberty.

Thank You to our Sons and daughters



You are still giving your all.

God Bless The USA

Always and forever.