God’s Holy Spirit

God’s spirit is strong

God’s spirit is wise

God’s spirit will give to those who


Courage and wisdom…

If they seek it.

He shows many things to

us that pertain to life today.

We should always go to Him and ask what we

can  do to please and praise His Holy Name.

God would begin to stir our soul.

Then He will give you the gifts that

 you can do at that time and moment.

Lean on Him.

Seek Him.

Know Him.

Breath Him.

God is real.

God is Holy.

God is the creator of

Heaven & Earth.

God is the great I Am.

Let us not fear what Man can do to us.

Let us stand firm in what we believe.

Let us bring forth good fruits of

the spirit.

Love one another.

As God is loving us.

In Jesus Holy Name




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