Hearts Of Our Heroes

So Brave and so Strong.

There was no room for prejudice in one another.

There was no room at all.

Just heart rhythms  beating so strong; fast with time.

Quickness is what they had in mind.

Strong arms reaching beneath the hate that was so deep.

Lifting those beams with no defeat.

What was our Heroes fate?

To just believe they are alive.

Was all our Heroes had in mind.

Heartbeat of  our Heroes will never fade away.

For we will see the Victories in their faces every day.

That moment and time will always stay in our soul and in our mind.

Yes heart beat of our Heroes will never die.

For we will always honor them.

The brave and the strong…

Daughters and Sons who have gone before.

Along with others who have gone home.

They are now our memories that will always touch our heart.

But never will they part.


God in Heaven,

Hold us this day.

Give us your love in every way.

Lift us up to you I pray.

In Jesus Name

we Pray…



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