Ointment Of God

Sometimes in our life.

We are reminded of our past.

They will come to us whether we want them or not.

Now the good is always welcome.

For it is like a grapevine that bring forth wonderful fruits of our life today.

Prospering on to many more wonderful gifts.

That vine will always grow as long as it is not infected.


Bad memories draws death.

No going forward in your life.

Just resentment and hate within and without.

Your soul become cracked and chaff.

It becomes contagious to others around you.

The wars of self  begins.

It begins to destroy all that you are within.

That is …



helping .

Giving encouraging hope and words to lift others up

to believe there is hope.


Not getting over the past that destroys.

Will slowly take you down to being nothing but a cold stone.

No feeling

No hope for the future.

 Just a shadow setting alone.

The only hope you have is in

God Our Heavenly Father.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

He will heal you with his healing ointment.

The deep scars will fade slowly away.

You will see another great day if you believe

in Him.

And when those scars start appearing .

Go to God in pray and ask Him for His healing ointment.

For he always has a good supply.

And alway up to date for your life





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