Angel With Fire

The signs of time.

A vision within my mind.

I see a great powerful angel who has been release by  God.

He is above the earth.

Looking down upon it .

He is to put upon the earth.

 Flames of God’s wrath.

Destroying that which man has made a god of.

We all know what they are.

The god that controls our fleshly desires; loving it more than God our Heavenly Father.

This makes God very angry.

As He did long ago to those who were free from Egypt

following Moses to the promise land and then loosing faith in God.

Making an idle of goal to worship instead of God.

Serving it sacrifices and sinfuls way of the flesh.

He did destroy them and still will do it again.

Many will perish if they don’t turn back to God…

 Our Heavenly Father who created Heaven and Earth.

Man must repent of their sins to …

Our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Who died for our sins so that we can live forever

with Him.

Luke warm belief is not excepted of God.

The signs of Jesus ‘s coming is very near.

We must be ready for that great and wonderful day.


Inspired from the Holy Word of  God.

In the book of Revelation.


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