A child I Am

Hopes and dreams…

Joys and happiness.

This is how I feel inside.

Deep inside my soul.

My spirit wants to be like a child.

A Bird set free out of a cage.

Deers running through a field.

A wild stallion who feels the spirit

to run with the wind.

Running and playing along with other who are

with me.

Hanging on a wild grape vine of a big oak tree.

Just swinging with time given me.

Age  is not there…

Not right now.

Just the breath of young life.

With a wonderful smile upon my face.

Seeing  many wonders created  by God.

Flowers and tree…

The grass that is so green.

Life as it should be for you and me.

I want to touch and hold this time that I am in.

But it is only a vision, a dream given to me by God.

Our HeavenlyFather.

Good hopeful visions.

He show all that He has for us if we believe.

Yes dreams make us feel free just for a time.

And God’s beauty will see.


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