New Hope

The past is only a shadow.

The SON…

Is now shining through.

New hopes begin.

Love for each other will come forth

if we let it be.

For God our heavenly Father cares.

He taught us all about love a long time ago.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

His blood was shed for you and me…

Still is and always will be.

No more will we look back.

But walk away from the past that was not

of good but bad.

We must go forward.

Seeing our self as a new flower of life.

A beautiful rainbow.

Such beauty do we show.

Beauty is there if we believe in our self.

Harsh words should not be spoken.

For this will turn God’s back to us.

Understanding and lifting each other up

in time of needs.

Life is too short.

No time to hold resentment that destroys life.

Love is a gift that was given to us.

Not the world’s love.

But God’s pure love.

His tender eyes look upon us.

He wants to hold us close to Him.

It is all because he truly cares.

And the world He had created.

Love is the answer.

It brings forth NEW HOPE

for our Tomorrows.


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