Angel With A Broken Wing

There was a time in my life long ago that I did not care about myself.

I wanted to get away from everyone and everything.

Time’s past was tormenting me; robbing me of all the joys of life existence.

Drawing me into a whirlwind of confusion, madness, hatred and self destruction.

I even ran away from those who care about me; even God.

But God  did not give up on me; not one bit.

He always had a way of stopping me going further into trouble.

But I just did not see it at that time.

I was too much into my own world.

I did not want to hear about hope;

 there was no hope in my sick  mind.

One day it finally came to an end.

It all came down around me.

I was about to loose everything that was

 suppose to be important in my life.

My family, my life and my soul.

I fell to the bottom of my destructive life.

I started to see what was happening around me.

I started to see things in a different way.

That is when my vision came upon in a dream.

I seen an angel by my bed.

Very beautiful he was.

He looked upon me me with so much compassion

and love.

I study his form and notice he had a broken wing.

I then ask him what had happen and this is what he told me in a

voice that stirred my soul.

When you were on your own in life.

Not following God’s will.

I took all those blows that were met for you.

It was when you was  in your own destructive world .

You thought you were alone.

I lift you out of all that would harm you.

And take the blows of life just to keep you safe from harms way.

After he told me what he had done.

I lowered my head in shame.

Sorry, so sorry for what I done to  him.

How foolish I was.

I started to cry within myself.

He could see that I was sadden by I had done.

Then he said in a soft voice.

Your sins are forgiven you.

Go and sin no more in this world Today.

Then He reach out His hands to me.

I looked at them and seen deep scares

 within the palms of His precious hands.

I then looked up and realized it was our Savior.

Jesus Christ The Lord.


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