We Are Brothers And Sisters

Do you know we are brothers and sisters in the Lord.

We have a special bond that cannot separate us when believing in

God our Heavenly Father.

God who created Heaven and Earth.

The stars, the moon and the sun.

He created us.

But He gave us free choice.

Churches may close.

But we who are true believer in God.

Will not be separated.

Jesus told us long ago and still


Two or more join in His name…

He is right there.

Even when we are by ourself.

He is right there.



Praise  Him always and forever.

Thank Him and always go to Him when you need him

for that time when you feel you are alone.

He is right there.

He is God…


He will never leave you…

Nor forsake you.



Writer Of Life

If anyone would like to order my Audio  CD.

Please contact me.


I will write you and let you know

how to order it.

It is  some of my writings and songs

that I have written

Thank You

God Bless you

Sister Vicki

It includes writings I have done.

Old and new.

Plus for a bonus…

My two song that I wrote.

Mother’s Eyes

What can a Mother see?

” What a question to ask “.

They see only good in their precious child…

Always the best.

To those they brought into this world of tests.

There is no mistakes.

For they will learn by the best.

She sees them strong and never weak.

And with determination with no defeat.

Mother’s eyes will never die.

They live with you…

Deep inside.

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes.

See what lies ahead.

Destruction and disasters in every corner.

Needs are not met.

Wanting has become out of control.

Were can I go is the question of many.


Open your eyes.

Open your heart.

There is allot to be done.

Where to begin…


Begin with sincere love for one another.

Not looking for credibilities.

But sincere Love that is of God not man.

Holding out your hands to help.

Holding out your arms to hold.

Giving what you have to give to


Showing  what God is all about.

He is a God who sees many things.

He is the God who knows all things.

Through us He will bring forth

that which should be…

Unseen Friend

Only written words prove existence

of one who will not speak to be known.

Yes quiet words that won’t be heard, but only known by

the eyes.

Written words that will express the feeling of its self.

 Come set down…

Know me through words that are written across the sheet

of wood that is white…

Pressed wood.

As though a road map to my soul.

If you study carefully with compass

of your mind.

And eyes that can see clearly.

You will then find your unseen friend.

God’s Holy Hands On The Wheel

God’s Holy Hand On The Wheel.

Oh what joy I do feel.

Free from pain and fear…

I just know Holy God is near.

I will fly away with Him.

I’ll see my love ones and many friends.

I will not say goodbye to you.

Who see’s me now suffering.

For you see it won’t be long.

I’ll be there singing God’s songs.

See you my dears very soon.

Please do not fear…

Don’t be filled with gloom.

For God’s Holy Hands Are On The Wheel.

I am going home.

( This is dedicated to my love one)