Today I Am Here

Today I am here.
Yesterday is only my impressions of what I left behind in the sand of  time given me.
Tomorrow is a mystery in my  thoughts and visions only.
Let me  leave an impression of  life Today. For the tommorows that are on their way.


When I Go Away

When I go away will you remember me?
The one who brought forth many colors of life.
There within you the question lies unanswered.
It’s like…
Leaving a book of life open.
Looking through it to find the answer.

I am not really away.
But live within the walls of your mind…
That has many rooms to stay.
I will be there to give you a smile and lots
of joy of memories I left you.
I will never go away as long as you remember.

Written and Copyright (C) By  Victoria Ann Witt


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